Blockchain is an emerging technology with various business use cases for several industries, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life sciences, and Public sectors. With Blockchain, enterprises can achieve various goals by innovation, ideation, strategy, prototyping, product development, and bring an immense amount of transparency for the organization and stakeholders.

Blockchain technology is built on a distributed ledger technology, in which all network participants get access to the distributed ledger. All transactions on the Blockchain are recorded only once, eliminating the scope of duplication, fraud, and manual errors. No participant of the Blockchain ledger can tamper with the transaction after it is recorded, which leads to complete transparency in the ledger.

News Update On AI

Infosys Launched Blockchain

Infosys announced the launch of three blockchain-powered distributed applications for government services, insurance, and supply chain management domains.

Binance Group Set Blockchain

Binance Group has set up a $50 million blockchain technology fund for India.

Data Analytics and LoT

IoT devices will be generating data that organisations can monitor with data analytics platforms.

Our Role

Syncomint creates tangible business outcomes by transforming enterprises through Blockchain, which impacts the bottom line and customers. We build and deploy enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions at scale and provide consultation for various departments, sectors, disciplines, industries, and organizations through the hyper ledger network.

Syncomint accelerates the development of Blockchain proof of concepts and prototypes by leveraging the technical expertise, extensive knowledge, and partnership with the ecosystem to serve various sectors like Supply Chain, Financial Payments, Retail, Pharmaceutical, and Authorization and Identification.

Our Blockchain Offerings

Blockchain Developme

Syncomint provides a scalable and sector agnostic blockchain platform that enables enterprises to onboard processes, people, permiss...

Payments and Lending

Our Blockchain payment solutions provide financial payments and processing needs through Blockchain’s hyperledger and create m...

Fraud Detection

Blockchain with Machine Learning-based fraud detection platform to facilitate real-time fraud detection in the hyperledger. Anomalie...

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Let's Talk About Your Needs

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