The Global Actuary market is at a transformation stage where fintech is disrupting the business models by next-generation technologies. Through the implementation of information technology, insurance, and pension organizations can release new products in the market and connect with consumers directly on their devices. Enterprises can outbreak their existing identities by leveraging technology for trust-building, increasing productivity, and seamless claim management.

The actuary industry is set to utilize IT solutions to tackle the challenges with the help of engineering solutions integrated with business knowledge and domain expertise. The modern actuary players require to create their insurance solutions through a collaborative approach that can enhance customer performance, decrease.


Artificial Intelligence in Actuary

If you have recently visited an insurance centre, applied for new insurance, or tried to contact your insurance company

Actuaries are Ready to Embrace Advanced Analytics

The industry is also highly data-oriented, targeting mainly towards Healthcare, Life, Casualty, Insurance and Property

Why Insurance Offerings needs to pace up with Cybersecurity

The insurance industry needs to embrace cybersecurity insurance to safeguard companies from ever-growing online crimes

What We do

Syncomint’s New age Media solutions enhance engagement loyalty by rich tools which are accessible, visually outstanding and 24*7 operational. We ensure that we open new channels for organizations which include graphics, visualisations, digital video and audio streaming. We imbibe Advanced analytics, security features, DevOps and content monetisation strategies for enterprises.

Syncomint expertise in providing end-to-end technology solutions to ensure on-demand access to digital services across various devices and geographical locations worldwide. Syncomint facilitates in content delivery networks (CDNs) with a phased-out approach which leads to lower entertainment operation cost, high bandwidth speeds, and maximized content delivery network to enhance revenue.

Cloud Infrastructure and Management

Syncomint helps in expanding business horizons by making operations efficient and ensuring that the customers are satisfied with the product and services of the enterprise. We maximize business value and modernize the existing enterprise by digital transformation through implementing cloud-based infrastructure and having a business-focused approach.

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Our Perspective

The actuary industry is a significant contributor to the global economy. With a large number of settlements, the scale of investment, diversification, and recovery, Actuary plays a crucial social and economic role to ramp up the economy and continuously provide profit to its investors by consistent performance and delivery. The value of gross premiums generated by the insurance industry worldwide increased from 2.51 trillion U.S. dollars in 2000 to 5.05 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017.

The global insurance industry’s core functions include claim management, insurance management, credit score management, maintaining a relationship with third-party vendors, business consultancy, and application management. Also, the global insurance market focuses on various domains like personal, commercial vertical, life Insurance, reinsurance, underwriting, new business, policy administration, risk and compliance, brokerage, and annuity.

Related Offerings

Insurance and Claims Management Solutions

The insurance and claim management systems are undergoing a transformation with the ever-changing customer demands, inefficiencies in the processes, cost optimization, and fraud management.

Strategic Consulting

Syncomint provides focused strategic growth training, product acquisitions, in-depth analysis to differentiate offerings and present clients to navigate through the ever-changing challenging landscape of insurance-related.

Strategy and business case scenario
Build vs Buy vs Reuse Strategy
Claim product/vendor evaluation
Claim Modernization Evaluation Framework

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Let's Talk About Your Needs

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