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The Healthcare Industry is undergoing a transformation. From brick and mortar-based healthcare solutions to integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) oriented healthcare, which is 24/7 accessible to consumers. Healthcare is a whopping $3.6 trillion industry, which is on the verge of reshaping public health, modernizing healthcare business models with integrated systems of engagement.

Syncomint is a Health Care and Life Science enabler for organizations that want to grow through constant innovation, integrate patient-focused solutions, and imbibe technology in their solutions. We assist companies through their journey of strategizing, innovation, and provide human-centered scalable solutions to enable seamless connectivity through technology.


Advanced Analytics in Healthcare

Influx of data is transforming the healthcare sphere and is also assisting in significant insights which lead to prevent diseases on a macroeconomic scale.

Power of Data

Healthcare data management includes various processes of collecting data, analyzing data from multiple sources, and then generating insights from data to provide better treatments that are personalized.

How SCADA enables Healthcare Providers to Innovate

Health solutions based on SCADA have a seamless integration of telehealth technologies and healthcare operations

What We Do

Healthcare Business Processes

Healthcare has various functions that require multiple process experts to extract value from each and every pipeline and build a financially flexible business with constant innovation. Our business process offerings include:

  • Setup & Initiation
  • Configuration
  • Front Desk Processing and Billing, POS
  • Enrollment of Patience
  • Attendance of Staff
  • Claims Administration
  • Global Service Database
  • Customer Service
Healthcare Consulting

Syncomint provides proficient solutions in strategy and planning to optimize current healthcare businesses and assist them in adopting new business models by enabling technology. We consult in the following domains :

  • Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Consumer Health Technology
  • Public Health and Operations Improvement
  • Integrated Health Management Systems
  • Hospital Management Solutions

Our Customers

Our Perspective

The Healthcare industry is one of the early adopters of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. More than 94% of the Healthcare organizations have invested around $10 million in AI, to bring efficiency in hospital management and patient health record. The industry is also at the forefront to adopt Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data processing to enhance the current Healthcare system. We believe that by using interactive voice-based technology and training systems with neural networks, there is an excellent scope for Healthcare advancements to detect diseases even before the symptoms occur in the human body.

Related Offerings

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring services by Syncomint has proven to enhance patient medical conditions, save Healthcare costs, and help hospitals to achieve readmissions. We provide High-quality clinical interpretation services for various medical specialities.


With Syncomint’s telemedicine framework, healthcare providers can integrate high definition video conferencing services into medical devices, modernize radiology, and diagnostic solutions to deliver healthcare services digitally and remotely.

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