The global logistics industry is experiencing an amalgamation of demand and supply-side trends which offers technology enablement in various subdomains of logistics and supply chain. With the proliferation of global eCommerce in developing countries, logistics organizations are starting to break national boundaries.

Syncomint consults logistics partners to drive the global logistics bandwagon and empower the trade activities to expand and keep pace with the rising demands of importers and exporters. provides an array of digital tools that help in automation of processes within the entire logistics and supply chain.


Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management

Cloud-based applications and solutions are rapidly taking over markets globally; this is due to their high scalability, easy management, and cost-effectiveness.

How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Logistics

Blockchain is a distributed database technology that records transactions in real-time and stores data across a network of computers.

How Big Data modernizes Logistics

From startups to large scale enterprises, each organisation is on the verge of adopting information technology in their core business functions.

What We Do

Digital Platforms

Syncomint is a leader in creating robust logistics platforms that improve supply chain management by leaps and bounds. We aim to remove the value chain inefficiencies, optimise the underutilized resources, create optimized models for demand-supply, and create seamless connectivity across all departments. We are extremely capable of digitizing logistics processes, implement analytical tools and provide optimised operations for organisations. We help companies to break the silos system and make seamless collaboration possible.

Our Customers

Our Perspective

Syncomint is a thought leader in the Logistics industry and believes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are catalysts of implementing digital transformation at scale in the logistics arena. The industry is on the verge of various transformations including the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for seamless freight management and racking, Advanced Analytics for predictive insights to reduce handling costs, optimizing weight, routing as well as adhering to delivery timelines.

Enterprises can now utilise the robust data at scale and lead towards cloud-based analytics for enabling better simulation techniques and make data-driven decisions to maximize profit. Syncomint also believes that AI and Machine Learning in Logistics will increase jobs in data science and value chain operations by reskilling the current workers.

Related Offerings

Fleet Management

Syncomint specializes in fleet management solutions. We help companies to be compliant with all road safety regulations, and manage the entire infrastructure on a cloud framework with an electronic login system, GPS-based tracking, vehicle speed sensors and enable communication across all stakeholders.

Supply Chain and Operation

The supply chain and operation services by Syncomint leverage Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our cloud and mobile-based solutions track shipments in real-time, assist in predictive analytics, easing bundling, warehousing, delivery of products and accelerate the inventory reconciliation

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