The Retail Industry is experiencing a significant disruption in terms of consumer behavior and decision making. The balance of power has shifted towards the consumer. Organizations around the globe are encountering a dynamic competitive environment to grab the attention of consumers who now have various alternatives for each product and service. Modern retail requires online and offline engagement models and innovative methods to market the product and service by applying technology.

Customers in retail are looking for meaningful experiences transcending virtual and physical shopping boundaries to achieve a holistic retail experience from anywhere around the world. Syncomint navigates retailers to transform their businesses with technology in a 360-degree panorama of opportunities, channel optimization, and revenue maximization.


How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforms Retail

Artificial Intelligence has opened several opportunities in physical and virtual retail to empower consumers

How SCADA transforms Retail Malls

SCADA based technology helps retailers to connect equipments to communicate with SQL databases

Why Big Data Is a Game Changer for the Retail

Retail giants have been heavily investing in Big Data and are gaining a massive advantage over the competitors

What We Do

Healthcare and Lifestyle

Syncomint is aligned to a healthy lifestyle for consumers around the world. We navigate our consumers to harness new retail opportunities by engagement, personalization, providing clients value for their money, and create a positive impact through healthy wellbeing.

Food & Grocery

With Syncomint’s technology and consultancy, retailers can create personalized experiences for shoppers and induce efficiency in stock management and warehousing.

Luxury and Fashion

Syncomint provides end-to-end solutions for fashion houses and retailers to optimize their physical stores and create engaging shopping experiences for their customers.

Our Customers

Our Perspective

Syncomint executes digital transformation for enterprises through innovative services and implements a customer-oriented experience with an omnichannel experience. Digital solutions are proven to maximize the lifetime value of a customer by creating influencing models at the time of purchase. Our customer data integration strategy helps to create a holistic customer view, which incorporates demographic and psychological data, added with customer service records and transaction history.

Related offerings

Data Analytics

Understanding customer needs and executing a well-planned strategy is today’s business differentiator and makes businesses win markets. we provide sourcing data from multiple channels and applying Data Analytics to create new  strategies, decisions, and arrive at best outcomes.

Omni Channel Management

There are multiple touchpoints when users discover a product or service, and retailers are acknowledging the presence of omnichannel consumers by deploying integrated technology platforms on and off the store. Syncomint provides an end-to-end solution for retailers with a robust dashboard.

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