The Technology industry is a digital enabler for multiple sectors ranging from Automobile, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply chain and Healthcare. Digital innovations are constantly disrupting markets by new products, methods, and processes for increasing efficiency. The high-tech industry is now fueled by digital transformation practices and is equipping technology trends like connected devices, and IoT led production.

Industry dominators are pivoting to as a service business model for flexibility and scalability. Modern Hi-Tech enterprises need to imbibe Digital supply chain, IoT led operations, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in customer support, and Analytics.


Actuaries are Ready to Embrace Advanced Analytics

The Actuary industry relishes uncertainty and risk. It also highly data-oriented, targeting mainly towards Healthcare, Life, Casualty, Insurance and Property.

The HiTech Market

The Hi-tech market has been continuously growing and maturing in terms of reach and production abilities.

Enterprises incorporating AI

Large scale enterprises are integrating APIs to enhance processes in the supply chain to differentiate.

What We do

Syncomint provides Hi-Tech services that assist Electronics enterprises, microprocessors, and semiconductors manufacturers to create a synergy between Blockchain and operational units. By using decentralized technology like Blockchain, seamless data-sharing can be enabled between the enterprise, contract manufacturers, third-party suppliers & distributors. Traceability and accountability across the entire value chain can be improvised through Blockchain. Syncomint creates an array of blockchain platforms which integrate existing data sources and applications to drive insightful decision making.

Blockchain augments the supply chain by increasing the visibility, identifying errors, frauds, counterfeit components, and resolving business issues by automation.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Syncomint’s extensive team of AI, ML, and Data Science experts help to define the architecture, machine learning models, creating and deploying ML services, framework development for ML data models. We align the enterprise’s technological goals with business requirements leading optimized operations and risk mitigation.

Our Customers

Our Perspective

The High-tech industry includes life sciences, computer networking, semiconductors, manufacturing, and software, which have a mega impact on the economic and social lives. The High-tech revolution began in Israel and has seen leaps and bounds of progress in the last 25 years. Companies now have more access to capital, faster time to market, and with the gig economy on the rise, it’s much more convenient to find the right talent across the world.

The industry is moving rapidly as the software penetration grows sharply in BRICS and APAC countries. Customers now expect to experience lightning- fast web services. The Hi-tech industry requires continuous innovation in the product and service range, as product life cycles become shorter in the long run. Hi-tech industry businesses need problem-solving across infrastructure, product development, enterprise IT, Cloud Analytics, and Blockchain.

Related Offerings

Cognitive Computing

Syncomint’s cognitive computing services include a range of turnKey tools that provide Data Insights to Hi-tech companies.

Cloud Solutions

Syncomint provides cloud computing at scale to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Design Manufacturers.

Security Management
Server and Storage

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Let's Talk About Your Needs

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