Big Data


Smartphone adoption worldwide has spiked the consumption of content and data by leaps and bounds. This gives an immense opportunity for businesses to have access to various forms of raw data and drive insights to understand consumer behavior. Big Data solutions and services can help enterprises to handle vast amounts of data, irrespective of size, format, and can help businesses to make critical decisions by applying advanced analytics. Syncomint provides businesses a competitive advantage to create, curate, collect, and process data to generate insights from various data sources and touchpoints.

News Update On AI

Big Data and Biometrics

Facial recognition software is made of highly refined machine learning algorithms.

Big data in Management

Big data technology can be used to collect relevant indicators for calculation.

Big Data in the operations

The introduction of automation frameworks specifically designed to operationalize big data.

Our Role

Syncomint is an industry expert in Big Data services and provides business transformation through enabling industry-focused output, business intelligence, automation, development of smarter products, and making enterprises future-ready. We follow a robust data framework that allows addressing business problems through a holistic approach. Our approach helps enterprises to transform core business processes and gain leverage in the market by Big Data-led applications.

Syncomint has experts having years of experience in Data Science, Data Engineering, and Service Enterprises with an understanding of complex data processing needs for operations. Syncomint uses cutting edge technology, insightful data processing models, and create tailored-solutions for businesses. We are quality-oriented and ensure our data applications increase overall enterprise productivity and performance.

Our Big Data Offerings

Big Data strategy

Syncomint’s Big Data consulting services help to evaluate enterprise capabilities and carve out a strategy to align digitaliza...

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is performed with a variety of software tools that cater to predictive analytics, data mining, and statistical analysi...

Analytics and Report

Syncomint provides advanced Business Intelligence services to transform vast amounts of unstructured data into systematic and custom...

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Let's Talk About Your Needs

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